*Cancelled* WS 12: Transformational interventions- learning by doing.

Transformation from partners to ex-partners into collaborating parents requires shifts in conflict behaviour and communication patterns. Feedback resulting from earlier workshops shows that practicing effective interventions is required. In this workshop we will demonstrate the participants learning by doing in roleplays to get familiar with these interventions and experience the effects on themselves and their clients.

WS 11: Fragile! Handle With Care: Transforming Difficult Cases

You’ve met them: difficult clients. When managed with C.A.R.E, difficult cases result in stronger relationships with the team and clients. We present views of the “difficulty” we may encounter and teach skills to manage “difficult” situations, re-frame resistance, and to go deeper with C.A.R.E: Curiosity, Acceptance, Rolling with Resistance, Equanimity.

*Cancelled* WS #10: Don’t be afraid of “Matrix”! Let’s turn the light on Virtual Negotiations and master them.

Don’t be afraid of “Matrix”! 
Come and learn how to help our brain and emotions in virtual negotiations, master the strategies and skills necessary to blend the “virtual” in our everyday job to enhance the success of our consensual dispute resolution means, lower costs and broaden access to collaboration.

WS #09: Unbundling Legal Services: For Your Clients, Your Firm and Yourself

The Law Shop by Skogerson McGinn LLC explores the many benefits of utilizing unbundled legal services as a means for adapting to a vastly changing client market. Learn how limited scope representation benefits clients across the socioeconomic spectrum plus decreases your own stress and increases your firm's bottom line.

WS #08: 14 Habits of Highly Effective Collaborative Professionals (with apologies to Mr. Covey).

This workshop will involve an interactive discussion about 14 habits of Highly Effective Professionals. The concept, (with apologies to Mr. Covey) is based on the classic 7 habits (doubled to accommodate the two practitioners) but builds on specific things that two experienced practitioners believe are essential for Collaborative Practice.

*Cancelled* WS #07: To Tell or Not to tell: Who needs to know?

What do you need to share about yourself with other team members to ensure a productive Collaborative process? Explore the impact of “to tell or not to tell” on settlement negotiations and the functioning of the professional team. Discover the importance of finding an optimal balance between privacy and open communication.

WS #06: Therapeutic Separations: When Parties Aren't Certain About Separation

Sometimes our clients are uncertain whether separation or continuing to work on the relationship is the right thing to do. A therapeutic separation—structured time and space apart—can help the parties achieve the clarity they need. This workshop will explore the nature and purposes of therapeutic separations, and the drafting of Therapeutic Separation Agreements that address the parties’ legal, emotional and financial issues so they can focus on their relationship.

WS #03: Compromising Solutions – A Goodwill Story!

“Goodwill” in business valuations is a multifaceted minefield which can create disruption and distrust in the Collaborative Process. Using the backdrop of real cases, this presentation will discuss, from the perspective of the financial, legal, and mental health disciplines, the management of the complexities in resolving these issues.