WS #02: Integrating Goals and Interests From Consultation to Case Debrief

How do you, your Collaborative Team, and your Collaborative Community integrate the goals and interests of each client throughout the Collaborative Process? This workshop explores how to keep our clients' goals and interests at the forefront of the process from the initial client consultation through the case debrief.

WS #01: Nesting: A Child-Centered Solution to Co-Parenting During Separation and Divorce

Nesting is an ideal interim custody solution as the parents consider next steps. Instead of the children living in two homes, children stay in the home. The parents alternate being on- and off-duty with a structured, written agreement. Nesting takes work and commitment and in this presentation, I'll discuss the pros and cons, the financial and interpersonal considerations, and the types of agreements required to maximize its success.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #49 Enhancing intrinsic motivation to change: motivational interviewing techniques to encourage effective co-parenting

Parents can have parenting conflicts both before and after divorce. Incorporating action-oriented processes shifts the focus of what can be done to help things go right rather than simply a focus on preventing problems. Exploring and resolving co-parenting ambivalence through Motivational Interviewing techniques encourages ownership, enhances self-efficacy, and assumes competency.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #48 Moving Forward: Bringing Healing Divorce Ritual to the Collaborative World

This workshop addresses the learning from my doctoral research into the ancient Jewish ritual of divorce, the GET, for its wisdom in healing the wounds of divorce in the secular world. Participants will explore ways to bring together this ancient wisdom with the modern sensibilities within our collaborative practice.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #47 Shifting Our Perceptions: Small Changes — Big Impact

Using video, discussion, and exercises we’ll create consciousness raising experiences to facilitate profound shifts in perception. On that foundation, we’ll practice strengthening mind-sets and skills, enhancing cultural fluency in response to diverse experiences and attitudes, while facilitating resolutions that take Collaborative Practice more efficiently and frequently beyond agreement to healing.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #46 Multiple Hats for Collaborative Professionals and Mediators: Working with Interdisciplinary Neutrals and Co-Mediators

Still working in the traditional collaborative and/or mediation model?  This workshop will focus on working with interdisciplinary neutrals at the collaborative table in mediation as well as co-mediating with those neutrals.  Your willingness to step outside of the box and wear multiple hats promotes a more professional, effective model for resolving conflict at the mediation table.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #45 Working Collaboratively to Protect Children’s Inheritance in Divorce and Remarriage

This workshop will present a model in which collaborative lawyers work with estate lawyers to design and implement plans to protect children’s inheritance upon the remarriage.  This model is being utilized in the Hudson Valley by the presenters along with others, and is a natural extension of collaborative work with existing and new clients.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #44 Done Is Better Than Perfect II

Interactive workshop focusing on using video to enhance/market your collaborative practice.  Instruction includes using VLOG, DIY video and interactive live and recorded video to educate potential group members/clients about collaborative process, introduce potential team members, and increase your group's reach and meeting attendance through several different video techniques.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #41 Lessons of the Masters - Conflict Resolution at the Constitutional Convention

In our current climate of polarization, we forget that intense discord accompanied the Framers to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1787.  The key to this monumental achievement was found in the time-tested tools of conflict resolution employed by today’s skilled mediators. These myriad skills, and their context, will be explored in this workshop.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #40 Collaborative Speed Dating – Will You Be Chosen?

Will they say yes?  You sure hope so, but your heart is racing.  You’re not sure if they are feeling the connection, and they keep asking tough questions about what you do.  This is Collaborative Speed Dating, where you’ll find out whether you will be chosen as a Collaborative Professional!