Workshop #13 The Magic of Transformational Interventions - Learning by Doing

Transformation from partners to ex-partners into collaborating parents requires shifts in conflict behaviour and communication patterns.
Feedback resulting from earlier workshops shows that practicing effective interventions is required. In this workshop we will demonstrate the
participants learning by doing in roleplays to get familiar with these interventions and experience the effects on themselves and their clients.

Workshop #12 The Voice of the Child: Eliciting, Understanding, and Integration

Children’s voices can be powerful in the divorce process. This workshop explores various ways in which child specialists work with children in a productive and protective manner. Content will focus on specific techniques to examine the most effective ways to integrate the voice of the child into the process.

Workshop #11 Essentials to Jumpstart or Revive an Access to Collaborative Program

Want to jump start or revive an Access Program? Through identification of your WHY, this workshop expands upon general introduction to Access to Collaboration. We will cover the most important elements as they pertain to program development. We will break the process down into five phases (1) Finding Your Why, (2) Building Infrastructure, (3) Pathway for Clients, (4) Program Evaluation, (5) Maintaining your Program.

Workshop-#10 Abracadabra! The Magic to Growing Your Collaborative World

Thriving individual practices and a robust collaborative community depend upon professional relationships. Learn how to engage the collective wisdom of your collaborative community to make connections, stabilize the ebb and flow of collaborative groups, and sustain growth. Join us to learn the powerful magical formula to expand your collaborative world!

Workshop #9 So I have this case....Case Consultation & Discussion for Practitioners

Come join your colleagues to hear about cases around the globe or perhaps talk about a few of your own. This is an opportunity for practitioners new and not so new to present challenging cases and dip into the collective collaborative knowledge for help, feedback, shared experience or other assistance on those cases that keep you guessing. This presentation is more of a round table to offer the participants options to bring back home to implement in your own cases.

Workshop #7 Maximizing the Magic of the Financial Neutral On the Collaborative Team

This workshop is focused on approaches in assisting the clients through financial uncertainty and impasse towards decision making and resolution. We will present concepts and techniques regarding division of assets, process costs, risk aversion, volatility, disruption and change in finances, and tools to help evaluate options and understand possible solutions.

Workshop #6 Factors Affecting Minor and Adult Children's Adjustment to Parental Separation and Divorce

Divorce is not a neutral event for minor and adult children. Legal, financial, and mental health professionals must understand the factors affecting children's adjustment to parental separation and divorce, to educate parents how to ensure their children's optimum adjustment. Children's drawings, videos, research, handouts, and interactive exercises provide multi-modal learning experiences.

Workshop #4 So you want to be published? Writing for the Collaborative Review

This workshop welcomes anyone who would like to submit an article to the IACP journal, the Collaborative Review. The workshop will cover submission details, including the style sheet, the type of articles and areas of interest. This is your opportunity to get involved with the continued growth of the Collaborative Review.