Workshop #30 IACP Minimum Ethical Standards: The Foundation of Collaborative Practice

The IACP Ethical Standards were revised and restated in June 2017 and created new standards and obligations for team communication, advocacy and responsibility for case management. This lively, interactive workshop will help you apply the new standards to your interdisciplinary teamwork whatever your discipline.

Workshop #27 Sharing Collaborative With Public Relations & Events

In this interactive skills-building workshop, presenters use 2022’s World Creativity & Innovation Week as a case study and offer hands-on exercises to teach attendees how to leverage public relations and outreach to create visibility. You’ll develop skills and resources to host future events, utilize media relations, and conduct engaging outreach.

Workshop #26 Preparing to Collaborate: The Importance of Intake Meetings

Participants will be exposed to a variety of ideas related to intakes from three collaborative professionals. The participants will learn the reasons why intakes are important, method and format options to complete the intakes, and what to do with the information collected during the intakes. Specifically, interpersonal violence screening and system mapping will be taught.

Workshop #24 Hardwired for Conflict: Solution Focused Tips & Tools for the Brain in Conflict

What is going on in the brain when clients are deeply emotional and stuck in conflict? What are some practical tools and techniques that lawyers and financial professioinals can use to help their clients move forward towards positive resolution? This workshop will provide an education on the neuro-science of the brain when it is in deep emotion and conflict. You will also learn and gain hands on experience on how to use some powerful tools and questioning techniques that will assist your client to access the highest functioning aspects of their brain.

Workshop #23 Nunchi - Using a Korean Emotional Agility Tool in Collaborative Practice

Nunchi is a Korean concept for 'reading the room' and responding appropriately, often described as the subtle art of gauging other people's thoughts and feelings to build harmony trust and connection. We will explore the principles of Nunchi, breaking it down into skills that can be learned and practiced.

Workshop #21 Wills, Trusts, Guardianship, and Probate: Collaborative Magic Across the Lifespan

Estate planning processes that prevent family conflict and provide peaceful resolution of contested probate matters are needed in many countries. Collaborative can help! We will discuss this practice, work through case examples together and develop your action plan to expand your Collaborative practice using this process specialty.