Workshop #23 Nunchi - Using a Korean Emotional Agility Tool in Collaborative Practice

Nunchi is a Korean concept for 'reading the room' and responding appropriately, often described as the subtle art of gauging other people's thoughts and feelings to build harmony trust and connection. We will explore the principles of Nunchi, breaking it down into skills that can be learned and practiced.

Workshop #21 Wills, Trusts, Guardianship, and Probate: Collaborative Magic Across the Lifespan

Estate planning processes that prevent family conflict and provide peaceful resolution of contested probate matters are needed in many countries. Collaborative can help! We will discuss this practice, work through case examples together and develop your action plan to expand your Collaborative practice using this process specialty.

Workshop #19 What Does The Research Say About Divorce, Custody and Children?

Social science research speaks to questions about custody arrangements, overnights for infants, risk and protective factors, father involvement and the impact of relocation on children. We will synthesize recent data from hundreds of studies from around the world that inform us about the impact of divorce on children, and how to mitigate long term, negative effects.

Workshop #18 Transform Your Collaborative Practice with Conscious Contracts®

The paradigm shift away from scarcity, mistrust, and fear and towards trust, integrity and self-determination requires a conscious engagement with conflict. The integration of Conscious Contracts® with collaborative practice creates unique tools to apply this paradigm shift to our work with our clients, our teams and our practice group communities.

Workshop #17 Not Feeling the Magic? Moral Injury & Collaborative Practice

Our wellbeing as professionals is being challenged more than ever. What if something beyond individual strategies or ‘burnout’ was at play? ‘Moral injury’ has been used recently to explain psychological distress among healthcare workers. Together, let’s explore how this concept may apply to Collaborative Professionals and strategies to address it.

Workshop #16 Integration of the Compassion-Empathy-Sympathy Spectrum in Collaborative Work

This workshop will explore some of the core difficulties, as collaborative professionals, of working with couples in conflict. A discussion related to empirical findings related to team burn out and what is means to shift from an sympathetic/empathetic mindset to one of compassion. This will be an interactive workshop with discussions requiring the need to explore self-awareness as a professional and exploring learning how to rebalance our mindset with compassion in order to re-energize and take problem solving to resolution.

Workshop #15 A Picture's Worth a Thousand Words, but a Book Beats Marketing!

Are you everyone’s collaborative “expert,” the one with the answers? Publishing a book establishes your credibility. It is crucial to marketing your services.  Once in your office, do consults understand the process? 65% of us learn visually. Use graphics, first to market and then to facilitate collaborating clients communicate respectfully, brainstorm uninhibitedly, and problemsolve transparently. Explore writing your book AND then creating and using graphics in collaborative marketing and practice.

Workshop #14 Practical Tools from Collaborative Neutrals to get Your Clients Unstuck

This workshop teaches practical tools that participants can use throughout the collaborative process. As Collaborative neutrals with 1000’s of hours in collaborative work experience, participants will learn new skills to assist their clients working through being stuck or rigid, and be more regulated emotionally and definitive in their decision-making skills.