WS 22: Home Will Never Be the Same Again: How Gray Divorce Affects Adult Children

As the divorce rate for adults 50 and older soars, so too does the number of adult children experiencing parental divorce. Although adult children are major stakeholders in their parents’ divorce, they are often forgotten. Learn how to help your clients and their adult children protect their post-divorce family into the future.

WS 21: Dolphin Advocacy: Finally Transitioning from Litigation to an All ADR Practice

People - including lawyers - are good and wish to do good in the world. So many of us along the way, however, lose connection with our better natures. We are trained to operate in an adversarial model as "sharks". Learn how to operate from a totally different paradigm as a "dolphin" and finally transition from conflict to a peacemaking practice. Learn how to realign with your better nature, do less harm in your practice, and transition to an all ADR practice.

WS 20: How To Create An Access Program from the Ground Up

This workshop will give you the tools you need to create an access program tailored to your community, from scratch if you'd like, or using tried and true models from around the globe . We will explore, how to identify and qualify clients, what are common pitfalls and barriers to access programs, whether and how to modify the collaborative process, how to think creatively about fees, how to find your personal comfort zone with creative fee structues, how to find other professionals willing to be creative with you and so much more.

WS 19: Courageous Creativity-Light Up Your Ideal Collaborative Practice

Do you maximize the creative options and future focused approach that Collaborative Practice offers? Drawing on ideas and experiences from both ends of the world, explore how you can use creativity to design optimal, future oriented solutions for your clients and your ideal consumer oriented practice.

WS 18: The Road to Compassion in Collaborative Cases...and Beyond

This program will explore some of the core difficulties for collaborative professionals working with couples in conflict. A discussion related to empirical findings related to team burnout, recognition of individual perspectives in relation to conflict and what it means to shift from a sympathetic/empathetic mindset to one of compassion.

WS 17: Cases on a Cliff’s Edge: Hold on or Let Go?

Some successful cases demand tenacity and endurance from professionals to reach the finish line. However, becoming too invested can be wearing and may create problems for the process. Too little persistence can lead to easy collapse. This workshop explores these issues, including when professionals vary in their commitment to persevere.

WS 16: The Talk of the Town: Creative Strategies for Cultivating Collaborative Practice in Small Communities

Launching a collaborative community is challenging, especially in communities where collaborative practice is unfamiliar to virtually all professionals working in the local area. This program will provide a detailed road map for introducing and cultivating a collaborative community from the ground up through urban partnerships, professional education, and marketing.

*Cancelled* WS 15: Let's Open Your Suitcase: Unpacking Family Trauma in Collaborative Divorce

Clients with cultural, religious, sexual orientation, and economic diversity arrive at our offices with suitcases of "baggage" requiring unpacking. Our team will provide a roadmap to compassionate listening, surviving the emotional, physical, and financial trauma of divorce, building trust, compassion, hope, and security for children, in the Collaborative Proc

WS 14: Domestic Violence (DV) Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and Collaborative Process: Applying Theory to Practice

In a role-play format, utilizing a case- scenario as its basis, this workshop will provide extensive information for the application of the various possibilities, as well as cautionary procedures, when Teams are considering engaging in Collaborative practice with a family where Domestic Violence has been present.

WS 13: Child Specialist’s Overlooked Value as Family-focused Facilitator in Collaborative Divorce & Mediation

Child Specialists (CSs), usually the most underutilized team professionals, glean essential information: family dynamics, triggers and hidden agendas. Many under-appreciate how CSs are often the best positioned to bring contentious couples to agreement. A pioneering, interdisciplinary team teaches how they employ CSs to shift clients toward agreement, simultaneously improving cost efficiency.