Saturday PM 90 min Workshop #29 The Necessity of Necessary Conversation: A Cost – Benefit Exploration

Necessary conversations underlie our Collaborative work.  The labeling of these communications as “difficult” conversations has resulted in professionals choosing to avoid them at the peril of our clients and our professional relationships.  In this workshop we are going to develop the skills that are required to have these necessary conversations result in positive outcomes.

Saturday PM 90 min Workshop #28 Don't know your SEO from your Elbow? Website ranking for beginners

Jennifer Hetherington’s website was stuck on page 10 of Google for all search terms that mattered.  She learned to fix it and got from page 10 of Google to page 1. 
This practical workshop explains Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) concepts with DIY examples of how to improve your search ranking.

Saturday PM 90 min Workshop #27 Can Collaborative Law Associations have social impact? The Basque experience.

Learn about our unique experience expanding CP principles beyond family issues to Conscious Contracts® and then beyond business.  The Asociación de Derecho Colaborativo de Euskadi enlists broad community support, including the Basque Government and uses CP as a tool for public innovation. Our impact was assessed by a neutral researcher.  

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #26 Establishing the Relationship and Expectations from Initial Client Contact

How do I get more Collaborative cases?  It is not just about a marketing strategy, it is about how you engage with your potential clients from the first contact with your office.  Participants will examine their current practices and learn how to approach an initial consultation from the client’s perspective so that clients leave feeling like the Collaborative process will provide them with the best option of navigating their life transition.

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #25 Collaborative Practice and Martial Arts - two sides of the same coin?

We normally use just our brains and intellect to "understand" our world. But there is a level beyond words: the world of experience by movement and touch. Experience a different kind of understanding of collaboration in a team through easy exercises that express the pacifistic philosophy of Kung Fu.  Be prepared to move!

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #24 Out of Bounds: What Does the Team Do When Everything Goes Wrong?

Completing a challenging collaborative case with many dysfunctional features and troubling surprises requires a variety of creative strategies and reliance on team cohesion. Travel through this difficult case of roadblocks including difficult personalities, refusal to disclose, traumatized teens, boundary violations, gender bias and more, as we share our case saving skills to reach a successful end.

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #23 Streamlining Collaborative Practice: Lessons from the IACP Access Committee

Making Collaborative a bigger part of your practice means making collaborative more accessible to a larger number of families. Collaborative Practice needs to be more streamlined yet deliver the same value; it isn't about just cutting our fees.This interactive workshop will present streamlined, flat fee, lower cost  and pro bono models and the lessons we have learned about streamlining our processes so you can implement them in your practice.

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #22 Compassion: A Time and Place in the Collaborative Process

As Collaborative Practitioners we pride ourselves on the depth of our compassion for our clients. However compassion can quickly turn from attunement to trap leading to fractured teams and weakened agreements between clients. We will explore how to recognize and work with the duality of compassion, and her sisters empathy and sympathy providing tools to free yourself, team and clients. This training will include individual and group exercises, demonstrations and role plays.

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #21 Effectively Dealing with Challenging Clients, Team Coherence and Organizational Development

Theories propounded in “Radical Candor”, “Appreciative Inquiry” and “Difficult Conversations” provide us with tools to overcome challenges we face in our case work, in our team work and in our organizations.   This workshop addresses these ideas both in theory and in application to real life problems faced in collaborative practice.

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #20 Enrolling Folks into Collaborative Practice

This workshop presents effective strategies to enroll potential participants at intake and, once enrolled, to design strategies with your client to enroll your client’s spouse employing tools that have proven effective for leading Collaborative professionals. This workshop is useful to Collaborative professionals of all disciplines and skill levels.