Workshop #3 Active Silence: The Art of Intervention in Collaborative Practice

Shhhhhhh! Explore the difference between passive silence, active silence, and choosing when to intervene in collaborative negotiation. Active Silence, like active listening, is a skill collaborative practitioners must develop to avoid defaulting to adversarial advocacy. We will explore the potential and power of that skill while also practicing it.

Workshop #2 Follow the Science: Proven Strategies for Reducing Unconscious Bias

Social psychology has provided abundant research findings on the prevalence of unconscious bias and tools for reducing biases, such as counter-stereotypical imaging, perspective-taking, individuation, and increasing opportunities for connection. This workshop summarizes the research and suggests techniques for applying it in the setting of Collaborative cases and professional practice generally.

Workshop #1 The Big Reveal: Tricks & Illusions of Thriving Practice Groups

The 2021 Practice Group Leaders’ Survey reveals insights into the tips and strategies that work well for Practice Groups and the challenges they face. In this workshop, the Practice Group Development Committee will reveal the survey results and attendees will workshop common challenges faced by Practice Groups.

WS 29: Critical communication mistakes you are making with your divorcing clients, and how to correct them.

So, you think your expertise is what matters most when communicating with your divorcing clients? Think again! One of the biggest challenges for professionals providing a service to divorcing clients is having to assist an individual who is in a very vulnerable and unstable position, both mentally and logistically. Now, more than ever, your ability to connect and communicate with your clients is tremendously impaired by social distancing regulations and the added emotional and/or financial stress your client may be experiencing.

*Cancelled* WS 28: Conquering the Difficult Cases: Hidden or Silent Interests and how to Root them Out and Deal With Them

This interactive workshop will focus on identifying hidden and negative interests and what to do as a Team when they are identified. We will discuss how to best address this with the parties and develop effective plans for constructively dealing with them.

WS 27: Deepening Emotional Engagement and Finding Fresh Perspectives in Balint Groups

This workshop will introduce attendees to Balint groups: facilitated case consultation groups that invite imaginative exploration of emotions and family dynamics at work in our cases. We will introduce the method, share the experiences of our Seattle group, and give participants the opportunity to experience the method themselves.

WS 25: Collaborative Life Planning (CLP)

Expand your collaborative services and potential client base. Serve all types of families before financial and other stressful events shatter their relationships. Teams facilitate clients’ collaborative, constructive creation of written agreements designed to anticipate, manage, and thereby avoid traumas life may toss at them. Add CLP to your marketing toolbox.

WS 24: Innovative Collaborative Participation Agreements

Using a cutting edge Collaborative Participation Agreement, the presenters will guide the Workshop Participants through possible provisions to modify existing Participation Agreements in the field concentrating on confidentiality, transparency/disclosure, informed consent, involvement of litigators and evaluators and a continuum of conduct by team members after a Notice of Termination of the Collaborative Process has been served by one of the parties.

WS 23: Spreading the Word About Collaborative Practice: Developing University Programming and Bringing in the Next Generation

The IACP Collaborative Higher Education Task Force is committed to gathering information about where and how Collaborative Practice is being taught in interdisciplinary graduate level programs, and to create course material to be used by instructors. Come learn who we are, what we do, and the “why” of our commitment.