Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #39 My Client Wants WHAT?: Navigating Financial Decision-Making with Our Clients

Think your client is going to make a bad financial decision? What can/should you do about it, if anything? How can the team help? In this interactive workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of your biases and learn strategies for working with clients and the other professionals.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #38 Mindfulness: A Powerful Tool to Successfully Navigate and Solve Conflicts

Mindfulness allows us to work through conflict with our clients by exploring our clients', and our own, inner reality, leading to a deeper understanding of our clients' conflict and our reactions to them.  Mindfulness is a gateway to developing creative solutions in the Collaborative process.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #37 Bringing Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion into Your Practice Group

This workshop will be a working session for IACP members to develop strategies for increasing diversity, equity, and inclusion in their local and regional practice groups.  Members of IACP's Equity and Inclusion Committee will lead the discussion, and also ask attendees to describe efforts that their practice groups are already making.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #36 Nightmare Case, Dream Team: When Mental Illness is a Question

When the mental health of a client is in question, persistent questions abound. Take the case?  Proceed or withdraw? Can we reach settlement? All unclear. Without a dream team, navigating such issues might be impossible. With cohesion, compassion and great communication...the impossible may be possible. This program is based on a true story.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #35 Creating and Sustaining Collaborative Community

There is a direct correlation between a strong and inclusive Collaborative Community and having a personally satisfying and profitable Collaborative Practice.   Join us as we explore from a multicultural perspective how Collaborative Communities are being created, sustained and energized around the world.

Saturday PM 90 min Workshop #34 The Collaborative Training is Over - Now What?

So you have attended a Collaborative training - Now What? In this program, we will discuss the next steps that a trained Collaborative professional should take to establish and grow a Collaborative Practice. We will discuss topics such as marketing, changing your office procedures and getting involved in the Collaborative world.

Saturday PM 90 min Workshop #32 Yes, we have unbundled services! - Tropicalizing the Collaborative Practice

In Brazil, the law predicts joint representation so it’s common to see one lawyer representing a divorcing couple. This workshop shares how we are working to introduce CP in Brazil, adapting to our local characteristics and mixing with unbundling services.  This is an opportunity to show the benefits of having a multidisciplinary team.

Saturday PM 90 min Workshop #31 Saving the Golden Goose: Using CP to Save Family Businesses

Explore how the Collaborative Practice can be an effective method in reducing the impact of separation and divorce on family run businesses. This process seeks to ensure that the business remains viable for both spouses, as well as future generations.

Saturday PM 90 min Workshop #30 Utilizing Collaborative Lawyers Within the Mediation Process

With the growth of numbers of unrepresented, Collaborative Lawyers are uniquely trained to contribute to the mediation process. The disqualification clause works elegantly in mediation to provide incentives for consulting lawyers to focus on settlement. This workshop will showcase a cutting-edge protocol that has been successfully utilized by the Presenter