***CANCELLED***Sunday AM Workshop #43 Coaching through Conflict in the Collaborative Case

***Due to unforeseen circumstances, we regret to announce this session has been cancelled.  Please log in to your IACP Profile, click on your Conference Dashboard > Edit Sechedule Selections and select an alternate Sunday morning session***

Collaborative cases often involve deep-seated conflicts. Instead of attempting to merely manage intense emotions, skilled Collaborative practitioners can use the conflict as a vehicle for transformative results. This workshop provides tools, like curiosity, to coach our clients through conflict for best possible outcomes.

Sunday AM Workshop #41 The Enneagram Typology - understanding and working with personality based differences

The Enneagram model defines nine personality types. We will explore the influence of our type and our clients' types on the Collaborative process. Adaptation of this model enhances our understanding and ability to work with differences that arise due to the variance of personality perspectives, which affect negotiation styles, decision making, comfort zones, teamwork and more.

Sunday AM Workshop #40 From the Know-It-All to the No-Can-Do (Readying Both Extremes for Life-changing Decisions)

Two extremes often derail a case: The client who already knows the outcome and the client who feels unable to reach one. During this workshop, experienced professionals will share specific stories and techniques, including words that work, when and how to delay a case, trusting an aligned expert, and what clients may need to hear from each other.

Sunday AM Workshop #39 How do we determine client readiness to negotiate their separation

Through a town hall type discussion, we will share the tools divorce professionals use to assess client's readiness to separate. We will explore the categories of questions everyone uses and how to identify the hotspots and strengths. We will discuss the SDRI Separation and Divorce Indicator research project and results. We will also cover how you can take the information you gather to build the Collaborative team and how you can customize your work with clients based on the assessments you conduct. We will also review the time taken to reach a settlement based on assessment results.

Sunday AM Workshop #38 Done is Better Than Perfect: Growing Your Collaborative Practice Through Social Media, Blogs and Video

This interactive workshop focuses on techniques to generate Collaborative cases using blogging, social media, and video content. Bring your laptop or tablet and information to log into your social media accounts. We will learn how to create content efficiently, using tools like WordPress and explore different techniques for content creation.

Sunday AM Workshop #37 Healing the Helpers: Understanding and Overcoming Compassion Fatigue

Working as a Collaborative professional brings deep satisfaction and lasting rewards, yet helping clients through suffering can have a negative impact on the individual and team. This workshop aims to help you grasp the cost of caring and equip you with tools to minimize risk to the individual and team.

Sunday AM Workshop #36 Making Sense of Dissonance - The Music of Conflict

In this workshop, we'll discuss how mapping from one domain to another can provide fresh perspectives, insights, and illuminations. Learning to understand and listen to dissonance through the lens of music can help us creatively and skillfully navigate the deep waters of discord that fill all aspects of our work as Collaborative professionals.

Sunday AM Workshop #35 The Talk of the Town: creative strategies for cultivating collaborative practice in small communities

Launching a Collaborative community is challenging, especially in towns where Collaborative Practice is unfamiliar to virtually all professionals working in the local area. This program will provide a detailed roadmap for introducing and cultivating a Collaborative community from the ground up through urban partnerships, professional education, and marketing.

Sunday AM Workshop #34 Saving the Golden Goose: Family Businesses and the Collaborative Process

This workshop will explore how the Collaborative process can be an effective method in reducing the impact of separation and divorce on family-run businesses. This process seeks to ensure that the business remains viable for both spouses, as well as future generations.