IACP Membership

The International Academy of Collaborative Professionals (IACP) is a global resource for learning about and promoting Collaborative Practice.  Membership in IACP is open to anyone. While most members are legal, mental health or financial professionals, we also welcome members who are not in these fields to join IACP in order to support the vision of the Collaborative Practice movement.

GLOBAL IMPACT: A local & global voice for change

By joining IACP, you’ll become part of the greater good. You’ll connect with other Collaborative professionals with whom you can exchange best practices and create positive change. Within the framework of this community, you’ll get the support you need to reach your full potential as a Collaborative Practitioner; you’ll be part of something bigger as together we change the way in which conflict is resolved throughout the world.

RESOURCES & BENEFITS: Advancing your practice

IACP Membership Provides:

  • Your connection to the international Collaborative community
  • Forms, documents, manuals and practice guides
  • Articles and educational video and audio recordings
  • Listing of your professional profile in the only online international directory of Collaborative practitioners
  • Public education materials including licensing for use of the Collaborative “C” mark
  • Special member rates for educational programs, conferences and events
  • Practice Group information and support
  • The Collaborative Review, the only scholarly professional journal devoted to Collaborative Practice

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