A GLOBAL RESET: #StrongerTogether

How to make the best of the circumstances in which we find ourselves is a topic that has been written about and discussed throughout history. This is particularly apropos now, as we find ourselves in a worldwide pandemic. Being a person fortunate enough to have been born with “the optimist gene,” I read all I can on the topic of anything that motivates, inspires, or educates me on topics of interest. In today’s climate, I believe all of us can benefit from some extra inspiration and encouragement.

Can Nesting Help Your Clients Have a Better Divorce?

Nesting provides respite from marital conflict and a stable home for the kids.

A new trend has emerged called “Nesting” (sometimes called “Birdnesting”) while separated or divorcing. The retired hit sitcom “Splitting up Together” brought nesting into the mainstream. My interest in nesting goes back to 1994 when my ex and I nested for 15 months. Most people have not heard of "nesting" during divorce, or perhaps don't fully understand how it works. 

It's Contagious.....Collaboration!

I have learned when multiple folks tell me the same thing, there is probably some truth to the statements. Over the past year, I have often been told I need to “stay in my lane.” As a seasoned (aka old) professional, it was initially shocking to be confronted for over-stepping my roles in various cases then I realized……this is a symptom of being a Collaborative professional!

A Call to Action: What Will You Do? Encouraging Diversity and Inclusion in Collaborative Practice

With all of the highly charged commentary about racial inequality and injustice in the news today, I recall a number of years ago being at breakfast at an IACP forum, looking around the room, and feeling a sense of curiosity and embarrassment, wondering “why are there so few people of color at the conference?”

Publishing is Marketing

Be The Advocate That Your Business Needs

Writers are often stereotyped as people staring at their computer screens while their spouses nag them about finding a "real job." Publishing is the hard bright line that separates the “dreamer” from the “success.”

You may not think you're a writer, but writing is how you share your business with the world. It's the late-night emails, newsletters, and promotional videos that communicate to people who you are and what you value. Your pitch is a thesis statement and your business model is the outline for how you prove your thesis.

(Gay) Pride And Prejudice: The Top 5 Reasons Why LGBTQI People Choose Collaborative Law And Practice In Divorce

Divorce hurts. There is little difference between LGBTQI couples and heterosexual couples. However, the dissolution of LGBTQI partnerships and marriages, as well as divorce from marriages in which one spouse has come out as LGBTQI, poses some additional challenges.

In this blog, we have collected the five most important reasons that make many LGBTQI people shy away from entrusting their case to a court and prefer the support of a Collaborative Practice (CP) team.

Doing Good while Doing Well - Educating the Next Generation of Collaborative Professionals

In 2006, I began a journey that I had previously only dreamed about. I returned to pursue my doctoral degree after 15 years in private practice as a psychotherapist, working primarily in the field of divorce. While on this path, I had to determine how I could utilize my program of study to not only enhance my career but make a significant difference in the field of Family Therapy, as well as the diverse populations who I served.

Keeping the Tech Benefits of Covid

In what sometimes may feel like overnight, professionals were forced to find alternatives to traditional in-person meetings and often without the assistance of information technology personnel. Both clients and professionals were required to visit the mysterious "app store" and become fluent with modern virtual communication platforms. As a result, in only a few months, the word "Zoom" has become the modern definition of a meeting.

A New Virus in Spain

According to the last information from the Spanish government, as of June 15, 2020, 27,940 people have died due to COVID-19.

From March 13, 2020, our life and country have changed. We could not meet with friends, visit family, walk down the street, or hug. Our country closed down. For many days Spain was in the headlines worldwide due to the spread of infections and many deaths.

Obviously, the courts were closed. Terms of the statute of limitations were suspended. Our time seemed to stand still.

Doing Good Work: The Pro Bono Pilot Project in the 17th Judicial Circuit of Courts

As the co-chair of the Pro-Bono Pilot Project in the Broward County Court House, part of my job is to reach out to our local professional Collaborative community and gather volunteers (including attorneys, neutral facilitators, and neutral financial professionals), who are assigned into teams. When the project began to take off and cases started to be assigned, there was a buzz of excitement amongst our Collaborative professionals.  For many of them, they were finally getting to put the Collaborative Divorce Process into practice!