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Collaborative Family Law Institute Miami

1450 Brickell Avenue 18th Floor
Miami, Florida 33131
United States


Group Contact(s)
Marta Alfonso   malfonso@mbafcpa.com
Robert Merlin   rmerlin@merlinlaw.com
Group Members Profession(s)
Marta Alfonso Lawyer
Helen Costa Lawyer
Craig Fabrikant Psychologist
REBECCA FISCHER Lawyer, Mediator
ronda fuchs Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Paul Garcia Financial Professional
Randy Heller Mental Health Professional
Allison Hockman Lawyer, Mediator
Susan Keyes Lawyer, Mediator
Carolann Mazza Lawyer
Robert Merlin Lawyer, Mediator
Enid Miller Ponn Lawyer, Mediator
Bette Quiat Lawyer, Mediator
Edward Sachs Financial Professional
Candice Saketkoo Psychologist, Mediator, Other
Rachel Samek Lawyer
Helenann Shapiro Mental Health Professional
Sammi Siegel Mental Health Professional
Lana Stern Psychologist
Richard Tejera Lawyer
Jeffrey Wasserman Lawyer
Patricia Young Financial Professional
Regina Zelonker Lawyer, Mediator