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Collaborative Law Institute Minnesota

4707 Highway 61 N # 217 3300 Edinborough Way, Suite 550
White Bear Lake, Minnesota 55110
United States



Group Contact(s)
Sandy Beeson   cli@collaborativelaw.org
Group Members Profession(s)
Gay Rosenthal
Jennifer Loeffler Financial Professional
Amy Holewa Financial Professional
Amy Wolff Financial Professional
Robert Braun Financial Professional
Mike Miller Financial Professional, Mediator
Karyn Wilgren Financial Professional, Mediator
Chad Olson Financial Professional, Mediator
Brett Jensen Financial Professional, Mediator
Ron Ousky Lawyer
Ashley Bloch Lawyer
Dave Dustrud Lawyer
Rebecca Baer Lawyer
Leslie Kimes Lawyer
Linda de Beer Lawyer
Betsy Anding Lawyer
Bonnie Humphrey Lawyer
Melissa Miroslavich Lawyer
Krista Andrews Lawyer
Jenna Monson Lawyer
David Olson Lawyer
Allison Maxim Lawyer
Elizabeth Bowling Lawyer
Louise Rogness Lawyer
Michelle Horn Lawyer
Linda Ojala Lawyer
John Hill Lawyer
Louise Livesay-Al Lawyer
Theresa Bea Lawyer
Linda Wray Lawyer
Judith Johnson Lawyer
Cortney Whitehouse Lawyer
Rebecca Randen Lawyer
Jennifer Beckman Lawyer
Jolene Baker Vicchiollo Lawyer
Gregory Solum Lawyer
Tonda Mattie Lawyer
Jennifer Nixon Lawyer
Amanda Mason-Sekula Lawyer
Glen Norton Lawyer, Civil Practitioner
Kemi Rampi Lawyer, Mediator
Audra Holbeck Lawyer, Mediator
Gary Debele Lawyer, Mediator
Michael Gjesdahl Lawyer, Mediator
Megan Yates Lawyer, Mediator
Angela Heart Lawyer, Mediator
Stevan Yasgur Lawyer, Mediator
George Zaske Lawyer, Mediator
Michelle Lasswell Lawyer, Mediator
W. Bradley Frago Lawyer, Mediator
Dan O'Connell Lawyer, Mediator
Kellie McConahay Lawyer, Mediator
Carl Arnold Lawyer, Mediator
Kimberly Miller Lawyer, Mediator, Mental Health Professional
Marta Musolf Mediator
Joshua Rampi Mental Health Professional
Deborah Clemmensen Mental Health Professional
SHASHA PORTER Mental Health Professional
Elizabeth (Lee) Eddison Mental Health Professional
Brian Burns Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Kari McGuire Other