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King County Collaborative Law

c/o Maryann Nelson, Treasurer1816 24th Ave #A
Seattle, Washington 98122
United States



Group Contact(s)
Gwen Mathewson   gwen@mathewsonlaw.com
Joseph Shaub   joe@josephshaub.com
Group Members Profession(s)
Wil Miller Civil Practitioner
Elaine Chan Financial Professional
Celia Griffin Financial Professional
Cheryl Hubbell Financial Professional
Olivia Summerhill, CFP®, CDFA® Financial Professional
Robin Gruber Financial Professional
Julie Blanchard Financial Professional
Maryann Nelson Financial Professional
Teresa Sisk Financial Professional, Mediator
Debra Synovec Financial Professional, Mediator
Leslie Bottimore Lawyer
Kristyna Larch Lawyer
Lisa Gilmore Lawyer
Melissa Shields Storch Lawyer
Gwen Mathewson Lawyer
Jennifer Forquer Lawyer
Elizabeth Buie Lawyer
Leigh Noffsinger Lawyer
Carol Betts Lawyer
Dominik Musafia Lawyer
Alexandra Keller Lawyer
Michelle Danley Lawyer
Eugene Oliver Lawyer
Tara Richardson Lawyer
Mary Sakaguchi Lawyer
Jeanine Vhan Lawyer
Jamie Polito Johnston Lawyer
Bita Soltan-Qurraie Lawyer
David Strickland Lawyer, Mediator
Justin Sedell Lawyer, Mediator
Paul McVicker Lawyer, Mediator
Rina Goodman Lawyer, Mediator
Joanna Roth Lawyer, Mediator
L. Brooks Baldwin Lawyer, Mediator
Lorna Bigsby Lawyer, Mediator
Laura Sutkus Lawyer, Mediator
Lisa Barton Lawyer, Mediator
Gail Nunn Lawyer, Mediator
Kevin Scudder Lawyer, Mediator
Courtney Story Lawyer, Mediator
Alexis Squier Lawyer, Mediator
Sara Wahl Lawyer, Mediator
Kirsten Hytopoulos Lawyer, Mediator
Nancy Retsinas Lawyer, Mediator
Leslie Blankman Lawyer, Mediator
Leslie Garrison Lawyer, Mediator
Adrienne Keith Wills Lawyer, Mediator
Alexandra "Xana" Moore-Wulsin Lawyer, Mediator
Ginger Boyle Lawyer, Mediator
J. Mark Weiss Lawyer, Mediator
Jena Maxwell Lawyer, Mediator
Bruce Pruitt-Hamm Lawyer, Mediator
Jeff Shushan, MA, LMHC Mental Health Professional
Kristin Little Mental Health Professional
Karen Bonnell Mental Health Professional
Anne Lucas Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Dominique Walmsley Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Catherine Schatzel Vocational Counselor, Mediator