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Association of Collaborative Family Separation Professionals

c/o 317-877 Goldstream Avenue 1620 Cedar Hill Cross Road
Victoria, British Columbia V9B 2X8



Group Contact(s)
Kirstin Menzies   kirstin@menziesfamilylaw.ca
Group Members Profession(s)
Lisa Alexander Lawyer
Stephanie Allouche Lawyer
Dianne Andiel Lawyer
Angela Atwood-Brewka Lawyer
Kathryn Berge Lawyer, Mediator
Robert Blank Psychologist
Crystal Buchan Lawyer, Mediator
Loretta Burns Financial Professional
Beatriz Contreras Lawyer, Mediator
Jennifer Cooper Lawyer
Joan Cotie Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Samantha de Wit Lawyer
Timothy Dunford Lawyer
Aesha Faux Lawyer
Nicole Hamilton Lawyer
Val Hemminger Lawyer
Karen Henry Lawyer
Michael Jakeman Lawyer
Robert Klassen Lawyer
Gordon Lidstone Lawyer
Beatrice McCutcheon Lawyer
Mary McManus Lawyer
Jill McMillan Lawyer
Fiona McQueen Lawyer
Kirstin Menzies Lawyer
Mary Mouat Lawyer, Mediator
Emma Neary Lawyer
Chris Ounsted Financial Professional
Bettina Plendl Financial Professional
James Porter Financial Professional
Eugene Raponi Lawyer
Elise Schopper-Brigel Lawyer
Erin Shaw Lawyer
Tanya Sterling Financial Professional
Charlotte Sutker Psychologist
Marjorie Thompson Lawyer, Mediator
Deborah Todd Lawyer, Mediator
Shauna Tucker Barrister, Lawyer, Solicitor, Mediator, Other
Nicole Sonya Vellet Psychologist
Laura Weston Lawyer
Suzanne Williams Lawyer