Rose Morshedizadeh

7751 Yonge Street
Markham, Ontario l3T2C4
Office Phone: 6477824853
Member since 2024
Membership Type: IACP


Mediator, Other

Rose is a passionate individual who has over 20 years experience working with families and children. Rose has been a director of operation and licensee under Ministry of Education for over 17 years . As a not-for-profit organization she has devoted her skills in helping families and children.

She decided to extend her learning and skills by becoming a family collaborative expert to help families and children through difficult transitions in their life. Helping families to focus on their child best interest and move through challenging emotions that transition of separation can bring. Rose shows her empathic skills through her day to day activity by running the inventive minds child, youth and family centre.

Area(s) of Practice: Registered Early Childhood Educator Family Mediator Parent coordinator Parent Practitioner Child-Voice Assessor
License(s): Mediator Parent Coordinator Registered Early Childhood Educator Ministry of Education Licence Holder Early Year and Elementary and IB Licence (Not -For -profit ) Organization

Professional Activities

Rose has over 17 years experience running a not-for -profit organization working with families and children. She has is active licence under ministry of education for Early Year Sector, Primary Elementary and IB Primary level. Rose has her background in psychology, child-development, family mediator, parent coordinator, and child-voice expert. Rose is attentive and compassionate when working with families going through transitions. She supports families gracefully through change and assists with creating a safe plan that serves the child's and family best interest.

Undergraduate Education

Early Childhood Education

Professional Education

Family Mediator
Child-voice Expert
Child-closed mediation
Family Assessor (currently enrolled)
CBT and Trauma Trained Child and Family
Grief Expert
Parent Coordinator
Parent Practitioner