Collaborative Law Association of the Rochester Area

1140 Crosspointe Lane Suite 1000
Webster, New York 14580
United States


Group Contact(s)
Gregory Wise
Group Members Profession(s)
Seema Ali-Rizzo Lawyer
Kenneth Aufsesser Lawyer
Louise Beale Lawyer
Suzanne Brunsting Lawyer, Mediator
Collene Burns Mediator
DANIEL CANTONE Lawyer, Mediator
Caitlin Carrigg Lawyer
June Castellano Lawyer
Kathryn Castro Financial Professional
Leah Cinteneo Lawyer
Kevin Clark Lawyer
Louis Falvo Financial Professional
Jennifer Fazio Lawyer
Roberta Feldman Lawyer
Vincent Ferrero Lawyer
Nicole Fitzgerald Lawyer
Kelly Forst Lawyer
Christine Gordon Lawyer
Bette Gould-Ross Lawyer
Kristen Jenks Financial Professional
Michael Kelly Lawyer
Meredith Lamb
Renee LaPoint Mediator
Stuart Levison Lawyer
Donna Maier Financial Professional
Julie Mersereau Lawyer, Mediator
Paul Meyer Lawyer
Danielle Montean
Lisa Morris Lawyer
David Murch Lawyer
Donald Onimus Financial Professional
JoAnne Pedro-Carroll Psychologist, Mental Health Professional
Cyndy Rochford Lawyer, Mediator
Diana Ryan Lawyer, Mediator
Jennifer Shoemaker Lawyer
Sally Smith Lawyer
John Sobraske Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Jonathan Trotto Lawyer
Warren Welch Lawyer, Civil Practitioner
Sarah Wesley Lawyer
Gregory Wise Lawyer
Lorraine Wolch Financial Professional