Collaborative Council of the Redwood Empire

829 Sonoma Avenue
Santa Rosa, California 95404
United States


Group Contact(s)
Louise Bayles-Fightmaster
Judith F. Sterling
Jill White
Group Members Profession(s)sort descending
Kelley Bollinger Financial Professional
Judith F. Sterling Financial Professional
Susan Campbell Financial Professional
Jeanne Browne Lawyer
Shawn Bunyard Lawyer
Amy Rodney Lawyer
Louise Bayles-Fightmaster Lawyer
Jill White Lawyer
Suzan Aiken Lawyer, Mediator
Jennifer Jackson Lawyer, Mediator
Karen Hendrickson Lawyer, Mediator
Catherine Conner Lawyer, Mediator
Jennifer Santos Mental Health Professional
Randy Cheek Mental Health Professional
Tina Chase Mental Health Professional
Katharine Robey Mental Health Professional
Jeffrey Kahn Psychologist