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Next Generation Divorce

PO Box 21775
Tampa, Florida 33622
United States



Group Contact(s)
Arielle Giordano   ngdflorida@gmail.com
Annie Haney   annie.haney@cbiz.com
Chandra Tracy   info@nextgenerationdivorce.com
Group Members Profession(s)
Marcie Baker Lawyer
Maria Barnaky Lawyer
Mark Baseman Lawyer
Eric Boles Lawyer
Linda Braithwaite Lawyer, Mediator
Faith Brown Lawyer
Todd Burg Financial Professional
Laurie Chane Lawyer
Juila Chase Lawyer
Jeanne Coleman Lawyer
Adam Cordover Lawyer, Mediator
Wendy Coughlin Mental Health Professional
Mark Cravens Other
Debora Diaz Lawyer
Kristin DiMeo Financial Professional
Nancy Drwal Other
Rachel Fisch Financial Professional
Jeremy Gaies Mental Health Professional
Marie-Eve Girard Financial Professional
Stann Givens Lawyer, Mediator
Shannon Green Financial Professional
Megan Greene Lawyer
Billy Greene Lawyer
Peggy Gummoe Psychologist
Annie Haney Financial Professional
David Harper Financial Professional
Nancy Harris Lawyer
Lindsay Harrison Mental Health Professional
Catherine Hodge Mental Health Professional
Sarah Hoerber Financial Professional
Adrienne Holland Lawyer, Mediator
Jeannie Holliday Financial Professional
Audrey Jefferis Lawyer
Joryn Jenkins Lawyer, Civil Practitioner, Mediator
Sonya Johnson Financial Professional
Debby Johnston Financial Professional
Patricia Jones Financial Professional
Sarah Kay Lawyer, Mediator
Lauren Koleilat Lawyer, Mediator
Lisa Kulhavi Financial Professional, Civil Practitioner
Belinda Lazzara Lawyer
Kathryn Lynch Lawyer
R. Lynete Mancuso Lawyer, Mediator
Robert Marble Lawyer
George Melendez Lawyer
Shawn Mesa Lawyer
Gale Moore Lawyer
Tanya O'Connor Lawyer
Sharon O'Day Lawyer, Mediator
Mark Ossian Lawyer
roxanne permesly Mental Health Professional
Linda Peterman Mental Health Professional
Anthony Phillips Financial Professional
Daniel Policastro Lawyer
Kimberly Rands Other
Theodore Rechel Lawyer, Mediator
Jennifer Ross Financial Professional
Stephanie Roth Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Shirin Rustomji Lawyer
Katherine Scott Lawyer
Edward Sobel Lawyer
Kennie Taylor Financial Professional
Matthew Thatcher Lawyer
Jennifer Todd Lawyer
Jaime Wallace Lawyer
Ellen Ware Lawyer, Mediator
Jon Wax Financial Professional
Sophia West Financial Professional