Nicola Savin

33 Bloor St. E, Ste 1000
Toronto, Ontario M4W 3H1
Office Phone: 416-642-8064
Member since 2004
Membership Type: IACP



With a focus on settlement and the best interests of the children, Nicola will use her extensive training and experience in negotiation techniques and mediation to assist her clients in meeting their goals. Nicola will help you avoid the conflict involved with prolonged and expensive court battles to reach solutions and move on with your life. She has over 25 years of experience with a range of clients. Her legal knowledge, commercial litigation background and access to other expert professionals at her firm in other fields (estate, real estate, criminal, corporate, employment and civil lawyers) means she services professionals and clients with complex financial and personal situations. Nicola is on the Board of and is the current Chair of Collaborative Practice Toronto (CPT) and is on the Board of the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation (OCLF). She was a guest instructor at the Intensive Trial advocacy course at Osgood Hall Law School for many years and has been a guest instructor at Osgoode Hall's Masters of Law program in Family Law, Alternative Dispute Resolution.

Nicola is also a past President and a former Director of Jessie’s Non-Profit Homes and past Vice-President and Director of Jessie’s Centre for Teenagers (a center for pregnant or parenting teens, which provides high school level education, among other services).

Area(s) of Practice: Family Law

Professional Activities

Member of the Board of Collaborative Practice Toronto and current Co-Chair, Member of the Board of the Ontario Collaborative Law Federation, Member of the Canadian Bar Association, Family Law section, Metropolitan Toronto Lawyer's Association and Collaborative Practice Toronto

Undergraduate Education

B.A.,University of Western Ontario, London, 1984

Professional Education

L.L.B., University of Western Ontario, London, 1987


I have been practising family law since 1990. Over my many years of practise it became increasing clear to me that the courts were not suited to resolve most family law conflicts. The cost and acrimony involved in litigated family disputes made it very unlikely that divorcing parents would ever be able to have a constructive relationship with each other after their dispute was resolved. I am therefore very pleased that there is an alternative. Collaborative Practice emphasizes a team and transparent approach which greatly increases the likelihood that both parties to the dispute work together with their lawyers to come up with creative and unique solutions that suit their family. Not the one size fits all approach that litigation forces on you. The custom made resolution that a collaborative approach allows results in less acrimony and a much quicker settlement.