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Collaborative Divorce Toronto

3300 Highway 7, Suite 901
Vaughan, Ontario L4K 4M3

Group Contact(s)
Lois Leutri   membership@collaborativepracticetoronto.com
Group Members Profession(s)
Joelle Adelson Lawyer, Mediator
Rui Alves Lawyer
Rachel Baron Lawyer
Andrea Caskey Lawyer
Caroline Felstiner Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Verena Fraser Lawyer
Brian Galbraith Lawyer, Mediator
Barbara Gordon Lawyer
Deborah Graham Lawyer
Tom Hamer Lawyer
Stacy Howell Lawyer
Jane Huh Lawyer
Fareen Jamal Lawyer
Cori Kalinowski Barrister, Lawyer, Solicitor, Mediator
Sheila Kirsh Lawyer
Brian Korb Lawyer
Barbara Kristanic Lawyer
Sharyn Langdon Lawyer
Amrit Malhotra Mental Health Professional
Jill McLeod Lawyer
Jef Moddejonge Lawyer
Nicola savin Lawyer
Victoria Smith Lawyer, Mediator
Laurie Stein Mental Health Professional
Heidi Surkis-Eisen Financial Professional, Other
Alexa Turner Lawyer
Judith Walsh Lawyer