Ohio State

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #45 Working Collaboratively to Protect Children’s Inheritance in Divorce and Remarriage

This workshop will present a model in which collaborative lawyers work with estate lawyers to design and implement plans to protect children’s inheritance upon the remarriage.  This model is being utilized in the Hudson Valley by the presenters along with others, and is a natural extension of collaborative work with existing and new clients.

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #26 Establishing the Relationship and Expectations from Initial Client Contact

How do I get more Collaborative cases?  It is not just about a marketing strategy, it is about how you engage with your potential clients from the first contact with your office.  Participants will examine their current practices and learn how to approach an initial consultation from the client’s perspective so that clients leave feeling like the Collaborative process will provide them with the best option of navigating their life transition.

Saturday AM Workshop #07 Inspiring Outcomes in Collaborative Divorce Cases; Turning Around The Difficult Case

In line with 2019’s theme, our workshop offers examples/tools for creating inspiring outcomes. Collaborative or not, divorce is divorce. Moving families forward and aligning the team requires intention and skill. We’ll discuss difficult cases, parties and situations in past cases, where the case evolved to produce an inspiring result.