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Publishing is Marketing

Be The Advocate That Your Business Needs

Writers are often stereotyped as people staring at their computer screens while their spouses nag them about finding a "real job." Publishing is the hard bright line that separates the “dreamer” from the “success.”

You may not think you're a writer, but writing is how you share your business with the world. It's the late-night emails, newsletters, and promotional videos that communicate to people who you are and what you value. Your pitch is a thesis statement and your business model is the outline for how you prove your thesis.

Promote Collaborative Practice (Use Social Media to Promote IACP)

I'm not an active Facebook user. In fact, my generation tends to stay away from it altogether. Baby Boomers are a bit put off by all these social media choices. And Millennials tend to use Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube. But, nonetheless, most of us (my husband excluded; go figure!) do have a Facebook account, and sometimes I give in to the temptation to scroll. For hours.