Malcolm McCollam

214 N. Main St., Suite 203
Tulsa, Oklahoma 74103
United States
Office Phone: 918-582-1414
Member since 2004
Membership Type: IACP


Lawyer, Mediator

Divorce happens. The hostility, endless delays and out-of-control costs don't have to. I focus on non-combative divorce for couples who want to end their marriage respectfully and get on with their lives.

Clients today are looking for a new breed of lawyer. They’re seeking a problem-solver who provides a high degree of value, a lawyer who helps them resolve issues so they can once again enjoy quality of life. I have structured my practice to meet contemporary expectations.

I understand legal problems can become a significant disruption in life, especially for high-achieving individuals. My clients have come to depend upon my counsel to achieve the best outcomes, while keeping them from becoming mired in the legal process.

Grounded in negotiated settlements, I employ innovative approaches to advance clients’ interests. Interest-based negotiations, a flat fee structure, and a focus on constructive advice are some of the ways I address the needs of today's clients.

In divorce cases, I limit my practice to out-of-court settlements. I work with clients to minimize the financial and emotional consequences of divorce and reach respectful, acceptable resolutions.

Area(s) of Practice: Bicycle Accidents Collaborative Divorce Mediation Collaborative Trainer
License(s): Oklahoma Bar Association Kansas Bar Association

Professional Activities

IACP Membership Committee ~Oklahoma Academy of Collaborative Professionals, Founding Member and President, 2003 - 2006 ~Oklahoma Academy of Mediators & Arbitrators ~Past Member IACP Pratice Group Leadership Council: Co-Chair

Undergraduate Education

University of Kansas, B.S., Business Administration, 1976

Professional Education

Washburn University, J.D. (With Honors), 1982


As a Collaborative lawyer, I will be your ally to help you create and evaluate options, provide legal advice and assist with problem-solving so you can get through this difficult time and on with your life.
Training Offered

I offer individual and team training from Basic to Advanced.

Training Conducted

I have presented numerous one-hour presentations on the topics of interest-based negotiations, collaborative practice and various aspects of collaborative divorce, in addition to the Collaborative Practice Trainings listed below.

Collaborative Training Offered

2007 - Basic Collaborative Law, Oklahoma City, OK with David Tracy
2008 - Basic Collaborative Law, Enid, OK with David Tracy
2009 - Basic & Advanced Interdisciplinary, Washington, DC with Susan Gamach & Amy Wolff
2009 - Intermediate Team, Portland, OR with Mark Weiss and Donna Smalldon
2010 - IACP Forum Workshop with Rachel Felbeck & Mark Weiss
2011 - Interdisciplinary Team, Lethbridge, Alberta with Susan Gamache & Amy Wolff
2011 - IACP Forum Workshop with Mark Weiss & Rachel Felbeck

Collaborative Training Reference

Susan Gamache,
Robert Harvie,
Donna Smalldon,
Jon Ford,