Carmen Boucher

2500 Stantec Tower
Edmonton, Alberta T5J 0K4
Office Phone: 7804237264
Member since 2017
Membership Type: IACP


Barrister, Lawyer, Solicitor, Mediator

My law career started the same way as most new lawyers, by litigating matters through the courts. It was heartbreaking for me to see the toll that this process took on clients, in particular family law clients and, even more so, their children. That is why I was so excited when I found the Collaborative Family Law process.

Area(s) of Practice: Family Law, Estates
License(s): Registered Collaborative Family Lawyer

Professional Education

University of Alberta, 2015


When it comes to family law, "success" in a court process is never truly a success for the family unit. However, in Collaborative practice, both parties are able to make the decisions that best fit their family. This helps them to maintain better relationships as they move forward as a family and for each of them individually. Reshaping a family can be difficult and is almost always emotionally draining, but I have seen first-hand how the Collaborative process gives the parties the outlet they need to provide closure and to finalize matters and move forward.