J. Mark Weiss

Seattle Collaborative Divorce Professionals
100 W. Harrison St.
Seattle, Washington 98119
United States
Office: (206) 622-6707
Member since 2005
Membership Type: IACP
Profession(s): Lawyer, Mediator

Mark helps divorcing and separating clients resolve conflict so they can move forward. Mark works to help his clients reach reality-based agreements that are consistent with their needs, values, and goals.

Mark is full-time collaborative divorce attorney and mediator, and a Fellow of the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers. In 2005, he received the 'Attorney of the Year' award from the Wash. State Bar Assn. Family Law Section. He is called a 'Super Lawyer' by Washington Law and Politics Magazine. Mark is particularly skilled in cases involving complex property and financial issues, including businesses, and in complex parenting matters. Mark has taught and written extensively on community property, business, and other family law issues. He has served on boards and committees to improve justice, and trains attorneys in collaborative law. Besides family law, he has practiced law in diverse areas, including construction, contracts, real property, business, probate and estate planning, bankruptcy, and aviation. The Washington Supreme Court does not recognize certification of specialties in the practice of law and the awards and recognitions listed are not requirements to practice law in Washington

Area(s) of Practice: Collaborative Law, Family Law, Mediation, Teaching, Trainer
License(s): Attorney at Law, Washington Supreme Court, 1987
Professional Activities: Fellow, American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers ~Director, IACP (2013-) ~Director, King County Collaborative Law (2007) ~Secretary, King County Collaborative Law (2008-09) ~Secretary/Trustee, King County Bar Association (2005-2008) ~King County Superior Court mandatory arbitration program arbitrator (1992-2008) ~Wash. State Bar Assn. Mandatory Alternative Dispute Resolution Rule task force (1996) ~Wash. State Bar Assn. Family Law Section Executive Committee (1997-2005) ~Chair, Wash. State Bar Assn. Family Law Section (2003-04) ~Associate Editor, Washington Family Law Deskbook (1998, 2005-06) and chapter author (2006) ~Author, various articles on family law ~Member/delegate to various court committees concerning family law issues and privacy court rules
Comments: Frequent speaker and author on Collaborative Law topics. For more information, go to www.mark-weiss.com
Training Offered

A. Introductory/Basic <br>
B. Interdisciplinary Team Training <br>
C. Intermediate Collaborative Law Training <br>
D. Advanced trainings <br>
E. Negotiation skills and mediation/dispute resolution trainings <br>
F. Trainings on specific topics such as ethics, the role of the law in Collaborative Practice, nonverbal communications and facial expressions, and similar topics.

Training Conducted

Extensive experience as a trainer and speaker, with rave reviews. <br><br>

See website and IACP biography page for details and more trainings conducted.

Collaborative Training Offered

See above and the IACP biography and Mark's website for details.

Collaborative Training Reference

Available on request.