Lynne Verdone

Sacramento Collaborative Practice Group
791 University Ave.
Sacramento, California 95825
United States
Office: 916-920-1313
Member since 2004
Membership Type: IACP
Profession(s): Financial Professional, Mediator

My extensive background in the mental health field as a practioner, college instructor, and supervisor provides me with exceptional tools to help peple navigate the emotional turmoil of separation and divoce.
With 2 years of financial advising, I can help people attain the knowlege and understanding of 'their financial world' both present ande going forward. My parallel experience in real estate (I do not do active transactions) allows me to assist clients and consult on real estate options and financing.

Area(s) of Practice: Financial, Mediation
License(s): Certified Financial Planner® ~Certified Divorce Financial Analystâ„¢ ~FINRA Seriies 7, 63 ~CA Real Estate Broker---00711022 ~Licensed for Life, Health, Lon g Term Care and Disability (CA 0679035 ~CA Real Estate Broker 00711022
B.A. (Sociaology-Fam. Life) Oregon State University

M.A.(Social Service Admin.) University of Chicago