Ursula Mayerthaler Veerhoek

Bienenweg 1
Ellighausen, Thurgau 8566
Office Phone: +41 78 815 30 03
Member since 2022
Membership Type: IACP


Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Area(s) of Practice: Board member Switzerland, ENCP board member, collaborative law practice as collaborative family and child specialist; Child and Adult Protection Agency, Kanton Thurgau, Switzerland; mediation (divorce, inheritance mediation, family mediation, labor and business mediation); educational advice
License(s): collaborative family coach, collaborative child coach, social worker, mediation

Professional Activities

social worker, team lead and residential group management, mediation, child and adult protection, educational advice, socio-educational family support, crisis intervention, child and adolescent psychiatry, mediation in juvenile criminal proceedings, collaborative law practice

Undergraduate Education

graduation for university: Gymnasium Friedberg in Gossau, Switzerland, 1990

Postgraduate Education

BFF Bern, social worker, Switzerland, 2001;
diagnosis & treatment of post-traumatic dissociative disorders including dissociative identity disorder, Sitt Institut, Zürich, Michaela Huber, Switzerland, 2012/20130;
mediation training, Konstanzer Schule für Mediation, Switzerland, 2015/2016

Professional Education

systemic interventions, Michael Biene, Bern, Switzerland, 1998/1999
team leader, Fachhochschule Aargau Nordwestschweiz, Switzerland, 2002/2003
nonviolent communication according to Marshall Rosenberg, Switzerlan, 2008/2009
collaborative child specialist, collaborative family specialist, clp schweiz, Switzerland, 2016