Victoria Kirilloff

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Financial Professional

From a very young age, my father encouraged me to take an active role in managing the family finances and was soon acting as a financial translator for my mother. The more educated I became, the more I noticed how their advisors were only watching stocks go up and down, and not actually giving good financial advice on how to prepare my parents for their financial future. I later learned that their advisors were not acting as fiduciaries, meaning the advisors could advocate for outcomes that benefited themselves more than my parents.

These advisors also failed to help my parents plan for common life events like my father’s stroke, which caught my parents grossly unprepared. My parents carried risk that could have been properly mitigated by an educated advisor. To help my family stabilize after my father’s stroke, I became heavily involved with the financial processes and planning. I realized that there was an immense need for common sense financial guidance and I was uniquely positioned.

I jumped into finances and have never looked back. My commitment was solidified when I went through my own separation and realized how much I was leaning on my financial background as I tactfully uncoupled from a highly abusive relationship. I have lived the process and find joy each day by helping others replace fear with facts.

Area(s) of Practice: Certified Divorce Financial Analyst
License(s): Life and Health Insurance License

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Daughter of the American Revolution

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National Certified Family Mediator