Abdallah Ghalayini

98 Lower Westfield Rd
Holyoke, Massachusetts 01040
United States
Office Phone: 14138855600
Member since 2019
Membership Type: IACP



Working in the international business world for over 30 years, Abdallah has become very skilled in negotiation, mediation, and resolution of conflicts with his clients and his suppliers. By necessity, he managed conflicts between managers and workers. He also became adept at negotiating terms and relationships between companies and their representatives, as well as within companies. Over the course of his career, Abdallah has had at least 400 employees reporting to him, and on many occasions, he acted as an ombudsman, helping to reach agreements between employees during times of conflict.

Clients notice Abdallah’s relaxed and open manner during mediation and negotiation. Abdallah listens well and can understand the meanings of his clients’ values. He is very skilled at keeping a balanced viewpoint, while still holding the importance of all his clients’ concerns.

Abdallah is an American citizen and a parent of three teenage boys. He has lived in Western Massachusetts for over 20 years, and he has traveled for his work in most of Africa, Europe, and the Middle East. His life experience and his business experience gives him his unique perspective on communication and the exchange of ideas.

Area(s) of Practice: Commercial Mediation Mediation between Union and Employer ​International business and trading conflict mediation Merger Negotiations Business Collaboration ​Mediation between dealer, agent, distributor and supplier, manufacturer Franchiser and franchisee mediation Contract negotiation consultancy Employment contract negotiations Mediation for property or entity division ​Workplace Mediation Family and Elder disputes mediation Polyamory Family Network Mediation Mediation Coaching​ ​Ombuds ​Mediation via videoconference Meetings Facilitation ​Political
License(s): MWI (Boston MA - May 2019) (40hrs) training is in accordance with the Massachusetts General Laws ch.233 § 23C.

Professional Activities

Abdallah considers mediation to be facilitative and transformative. He sees his role as managing three dynamics: - the mediation process itself - the interaction between the parties - the issues and decisions facing the parties​​ Areas that have worked on and with are; Volunteer at 3 local small case courts as a mediator, as much as possible. Volunteer as a facilitator for meetings for non-profit organization Facilitation of merger negotiations overseas Mediation on various disputes between businesses on projects Employment agreements negotiations for employer and employee Contracts negotiations

Undergraduate Education

MTC - Mechanical Engineering 1991
Embry Riddle Aeronautical University, Aircraft Engineering, 1993 Engineering