Lisa Forberg

40 Burton Hills Boulevard
Nashville, Tennessee 37215
United States
Office Phone: 615-767-5930
Member since 2010
Membership Type: IACP


Lawyer, Mediator

Lisa B. Forberg has helped hundreds of families find ways to resolve difficult issues during and after divorce. She is experienced in handling a wide range of legal issues in any given case. Lisa has always been committed to adding harmony to the world, and doing so through her work as a Collaborative Divorce attorney and mediator. In this way she has helped many clients obtain a smarter and healthier divorce.

Lisa firmly believes that the choices people make during their divorce can have a profound impact on their lives, and the lives of their children and grandchildren. She is committed to helping them achieve their goals through the choices they make with the advice of their attorney or mediator.In all cases the goal is to obtain good, durable out-of-court settlements while preserving the family's assets and protecting the family's privacy. Often this is done best by using either Collaborative Divorce or Early Stage Mediation. Lisa also uses other problem-solving methods for resolving disputes out-of-court with respect, and without escalating conflicts.

Area(s) of Practice: Collaborative Law, Divorce and Family Law, Mediation
License(s): Licensed in the Tennessee; Inactive member of the New Hampshire bar; Inactive member of the California bar.

Professional Activities

I am an active member of the Middle Tennessee Collaborative Alliance (MTCA). I also the former co-chair of the Collaborative Law Alliance of New Hampshire (CLANH). I co-authored a chapter on alimony and child support in Collaborative cases for a book on New England Collaborative Practice, published by Massachusetts Continuing Legal Education (2014), and author/co-authored a number of articles in the New Hampshire Bar Journal and New Hampshire Bar News.

Undergraduate Education

University of Maryland
BA in English
High Honors

Postgraduate Education

Stanford University
MA in Eduation

Professional Education

Santa Clara University School of Law, JD, 1981
Many courses in Collaborative Law and Mediation, since 1998.


Lisa provides clients with a satisfying, efficient, cost-effective, and perhaps even transformative family law dispute resolution experience. She has been working with divorcing families and unmarried parents since 2005 when she decided to devote her law practice exclusively to family law. Before that, she was a medical malpractice and personal injury lawyer representing injured parties in complex litigation. In 2015, Lisa was named in the national bestseller, "Conscious Uncoupling", by author Katherine Woodward Thomas, as one of the country’s change agents in divorce practice "who are working hard to improve things both emotionally and financially” for divorcing couples.