Barbara Hummel

3414 Edwards Road
Cincinnati, Ohio 45208
United States
Office Phone: 513-721-1920
Member since 2004
Membership Type: IACP


Mental Health Professional, Mediator

Going through a divorce can be one of the most difficult experiences we have as a parent. For the last ten years, I have focused my work as a Collaborative Coach and Mediator on providing assistance to couples who are considering or pursuing a divorce. My first exposure to Collaborative Law was when I chose the process for myself in 1997. I chose Collaborative Law because one of my biggest priorities was to prevent my children from experiencing undue harm from the divorce, and more importantly, have the chance to grow up happy and successfully, even though their parents chose to divorce and lived in seperate homes. I know that when I meet my clients, they are experiencing a wide range of emotions and have great concern for their children and themselves. I know that their communication with their spouse is likely at a low point and the frustration level and fear of the future at a high point. My goal in working as a Collaborative Coach is to provide parents information, support and assistance with communication as co-parents for your children. As you work through the difficult terrain of transitioning and changing your family, you can successfully raise your children with two parents and two homes. Divorce is not easy, but choosing to work with one another, as co-parents, instead of against each other, can offer you, your spouse and your children the possibility of a future that is one you can be proud of because of the choices that you made during your divorce and the years to follow. One of my areas of expertise is the parenting relationship. Learning to be an effective parent during and after a divorce can be one of the anchors of a family's success for their future. My work as a Mediator allows me the chance to work with couples during and/or after their divorce to provide assistance in finding answers and solutions to the issues related to parenting, communication and divorce. Please feel free to contact me with any questions that you may have about Collaborative Coaching or Mediation and how my services can meet your needs.

Area(s) of Practice: Child Specialist, Divorce Coach, Mediation, Trainer
License(s): Licensed Professional Counselor

Professional Activities

Co-Chair of CACP: 2011-2013 ~Board Member:Cincinnati Academy of Collaborative Professionals ~Trainer: Collaborative Neutral Coach ~IACP: Practice Group Development Committee: 2010-2013

Undergraduate Education

Principia College. BA 1978

Postgraduate Education

University of Cincinnati, M. Ed. Counselor Education. 1981

Training Offered

3 Day Interdisciplinary Training
2 Day Basic Interdisciplinary Collaborative Training
The Role of the Mental Health Profesional on the Collaborative Team
Advanced Interdisciplinary Training: Dealing with Difficulties in the Collaborative Process

Training Conducted

Cincinnati 2 day Basic Interdisciplinary Training
Italy 3 day Basic Interdisciplinary Training
Cincinnati 2 day Basic Interdisciplinary Training
IACP: The Significant Role of the Neutral Coach - 3 hrs
IACP: Balancing Emotion and Reason - 3 hrs
IACP: Advanced Training Dealing with Difficulties in the Collaborative Process

Collaborative Training Offered

2008: Cincinnati: 2 Day Basic Interdisciplinary Training: Slovin/ Whitlatch
2008: IACP: Significant Role of the Neutral Coach: Stengel
2008: IACP: Balancing Emotion and Reason: V.Smith
2009: Basic Multidisciplinary Training: Slovin/ Whitlatch
2009: IACP: Brace for Impact: We're Landing on the Hudson: White/Alhrich
2011: Italy: 3 Day Interdisciplinary Training: Slovin
2012: Cincinnati: 2 Day Interdisciplinary Training: Slovin, Whitlatch

Collaborative Training Reference

Sherri Goren Slovin: Cincinnati, OH
Mary Stengel: Balitmore, Maryland
Victoria Smith: Toronto, Canada
Maury White: Cincinnati, OH