Elizabeth Ferris

601 East Erie Street #615
Milwaukee, Texas 53202
United States
Office Phone: 4148285862
Member since 2006
Membership Type: IACP



Ferris Consulting was created to help lawyers, law firms, and collaborative practice professionals to achieve accelerated growth. I help collaborative lawyers, mental health professionals and financial specialist to build their collaborative practice.
Collaborative Practice is a client-centered approach to resolving disputes. It is estimated that over 50% of clients who hear about collaborative practice will choose this option for their separation or divorce. My goal is to help as many practitioners as possible to educate clients and the public about a less adversarial approach to divorce.
I believe everyone who is contemplating or going through divorce would benefit knowing about collaborative practice as an option for their divorce. My goal is not to tell practitioners how to 'sell' collaborative, rather my goal is to help practitioners educate the public on the beneficial outcome of a process that:
• Minimizes conflict
• Helps clients mitigate harm to children
• Focuses on the best interest of the family
• Reduces the financial and emotional cost of a court battle.
I conduct workshops for Law firms and collaborative practice groups on strategies for building a law and/or collaborative practice. I also facilitate strategic retreats for law firms, and collaborative practice groups to define your organizations vision and create a plan to translate this vision into action and results for your firm or collaborative practice group.

Area(s) of Practice: Strategic planning Marketing Marketing workshops
License(s): N/A