Introductory Collaborative Practice Training

IACP is now offering the opportunity to engage the IACP Training Faculty for Introductory Interdisciplinary Collaborative Practice Training in your hometown or online!

IACP will work with you to design a two-day training that meets IACP Standards, as well as the needs and goals of your local Collaborative community.

This is a perfect opportunity for Practice Groups, professional associations and committed individuals to affordably grow Collaborative Practice locally – with a foundation provided by IACP Faculty Members, all of whom meet and exceed IACP Standards for Trainers. Whether your community needs its first Collaborative Practice Training or would benefit from a refresher training in which both experienced and new members can participate together, we encourage you to contact us to learn more about how IACP can support you!

To submit a Request for Training and to learn more about how to bring the IACP Training Faculty to your community, please contact us at or fill out our online form:

Request a Training

We are delighted to announce our Training Faculty

  • Lisa Alexander, BA, LLB
  • Simona Ardesi, JD
  • Yuval Berger, MSW
  • Sheila I. Brown, MSW, RSW
  • Marília Campos Oliveira e Telles, BA, LLB
  • Cathy Daigle, CFP, CDFA
  • Jacinta Gallant, BA, LLB
  • Isabella Gandini, MHP
  • Mariette Geldenhuys, LLB
  • Kim Gordon, JD
  • Deborah Graham, LLB
  • Barbara Hummel, LPC
  • Barbara Kelly, Ph.D. LLC

  • Kristin Little, MA,MS, LMHC
  • Diana Martinez
  • Maria Izabel Montenegro, MBA, CFP
  • Patricia Peters MBA MPAcc CFP
  • Cassandra Pullos LLB, Nationally Accredited Mediator and Arbitrator, Accredited specialist (Family Law)
  • Anne Purcell, PhD, M Ed, B Ed ST Hons, Dip T
  • Clarissa Rayward
  • Anne-Marie Rice BA LLB (Hons)
  • George Richardson, JD
  • Lisa Schneider, CDFA™, CFP®
  • Laurie Stein, LLB, MSW, RSW
  • Gaylene Stingl, MST, CPA, CVA
  • Pauline Tesler, JD
  • John Thynne, FCA , F.Fin, Dip.Fin.Serv.
  • Shelby Timmins