How can I look to the future when it seems so bleak?

Separation and divorce are both an ending and a beginning. Collaborative Process helps you consider your future needs and goals while keeping your children a top priority. As a more respectful, dignified process, Collaborative Process supports your family’s goals for a smoother transition to the next stage of your lives.


The content of the agreement (and how it was built) reflects the priorities and needs of both of you and thus is more likely to be a durable settlement. If you need help in the future with issues such as parenting time as the children grow older, or financial obligations under your original agreement need to be adjusted, you have Collaborative professionals who know you and your situation and can help you re-enter the Collaborative Process to settle disputes and make adjustments.


In other conflicts when the parties will have an ongoing relationship with each other, using Collaborative Process can similarly create a better foundation for future interactions and conflict resolution.

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