Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #44 Done Is Better Than Perfect II

Interactive workshop focusing on using video to enhance/market your collaborative practice.  Instruction includes using VLOG, DIY video and interactive live and recorded video to educate potential group members/clients about collaborative process, introduce potential team members, and increase your group's reach and meeting attendance through several different video techniques.

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #19 Power, Privilege and Entitlement: Cross-currents of gender, race and money.

Throughout our work, complex undercurrents of power, privilege and entitlement flow with changing force. Obvious and subtle influences abound stemming from our clients’--and our own--racial identities, genders, backgrounds and personalities. Even when we want to “get it right,” are our reactions influenced—perhaps unconsciously—by our own gender, race, or personality? We will explore the complicated intersection of deeply emotional factors that challenge our efforts to ensure that every client and teammate feels welcome and “normal” throughout our Collaborative work.

Saturday AM Workshop #10 Let’s go into Carla’s house and brainstorm on Collaborative Containers

The metaphor of Collaborative Practice as a container will be presented using an Italian handcrafted model “house” along with a video. Using visual facilitation the attendees will be asked to brainstorm other visions and ideas for the Collaborative Container