Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #39 My Client Wants WHAT?: Navigating Financial Decision-Making with Our Clients

Think your client is going to make a bad financial decision? What can/should you do about it, if anything? How can the team help? In this interactive workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of your biases and learn strategies for working with clients and the other professionals.

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #17 The Ethics of Collaborative Practice with Teammates Unknown and Well-Known

Collaborative Practice depends on effective professional teamwork. Challenges are inevitable. The Ethical Standards provide common expectations to reduce missteps, inaccurate assumptions, and acting at cross purposes. This interactive workshop focuses on the Standards as a guide for team process and practice regardless of discipline, or whether the professionals are experienced, familiar with one another, or challenged working together.

Saturday AM Workshop #12 Gender Bias: Exploring How It Impacts You and Your Participation in the Collaborative Process

Explore instances in collaborative cases where implicit bias may impact the professionals’ ability to effectively guide clients. Using a fishbowl role play and small group discussion and exercises we will address how to recognize when implicit gender biases of the professionals (and your own biases) are affecting a case and what to do abut it.