Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #41 Lessons of the Masters - Conflict Resolution at the Constitutional Convention

In our current climate of polarization, we forget that intense discord accompanied the Framers to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1787.  The key to this monumental achievement was found in the time-tested tools of conflict resolution employed by today’s skilled mediators. These myriad skills, and their context, will be explored in this workshop.

Saturday PM 90 min Workshop #34 The Collaborative Training is Over - Now What?

So you have attended a Collaborative training - Now What? In this program, we will discuss the next steps that a trained Collaborative professional should take to establish and grow a Collaborative Practice. We will discuss topics such as marketing, changing your office procedures and getting involved in the Collaborative world.

Saturday PM 90 min Workshop #30 Utilizing Collaborative Lawyers Within the Mediation Process

With the growth of numbers of unrepresented, Collaborative Lawyers are uniquely trained to contribute to the mediation process. The disqualification clause works elegantly in mediation to provide incentives for consulting lawyers to focus on settlement. This workshop will showcase a cutting-edge protocol that has been successfully utilized by the Presenter

Saturday AM Workshop #06 Preventive Lawyering for Collaborative Professionals: Help Families Manage Future Conflict

Preventive lawyering can help parties flag existing conflicts before they spiral out of control. Collaborative professionals can easily become preventive legal and conflict wellness providers by expanding their practices to the pre-conflict arena. Learn concrete skills in order to expand your services and further build your collaborative practice.