Los Angeles/Miami/Scottsdale

Friday Special Gathering #3 Creativity and Peacemaking

“Peacemaking” has become an important part of our work as Collaborative professionals as a way of life both in our personal and our work lives. Take this opportunity to meet an interdisciplinary group of practitioners and share personal experiences in how the Collaborative Community is creatively incorporating Peacemaking into their work around the world.

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #38 Mindfulness: A Powerful Tool to Successfully Navigate and Solve Conflicts

Mindfulness allows us to work through conflict with our clients by exploring our clients', and our own, inner reality, leading to a deeper understanding of our clients' conflict and our reactions to them.  Mindfulness is a gateway to developing creative solutions in the Collaborative process.

Saturday PM 90 min Workshop #29 The Necessity of Necessary Conversation: A Cost – Benefit Exploration

Necessary conversations underlie our Collaborative work.  The labeling of these communications as “difficult” conversations has resulted in professionals choosing to avoid them at the peril of our clients and our professional relationships.  In this workshop we are going to develop the skills that are required to have these necessary conversations result in positive outcomes.

Saturday AM Workshop #05 Demystifying the difficult couple

Working with high conflict couples requires a systemic lens.  Couple members mix with each other to create a more powerful interpersonal process than either alone create.  Workshop participants will learn to identify and understand the reactions and responses of the couple members, and skills to shape reactivity and resistance

Thursday PFI #3 The Enneagram Typology - Deepening our Work with Personality Based Conflicts

Deepening our understanding of the personalities behind the people we interact with, greatly impacts the collaborative divorce process and its outcome.
The Enneagram model is a typology that defines nine major personality types . By using the Enneagram, we will deepen our understanding about the different personality based worldviews, perspectives, features and behaviors, advantages and limitations that characterize the different personality patterns of each type.