Denver/Houston/Kansas City

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #18 From Core Principles to Creative Innovations

From Core Principles to Creative Innovations--Building on Past Experiences to Create and Sustain the Collaborative Practice of the Future.
During the past three decades Collaborative Practice has grown from core ideas created by a handful of pioneers to a worldwide movement bursting with the possibility of great innovations. This workshop will focus on taking the very best ideas of the past 30 years and creating a ladder to developing and sustaining an innovative Collaborative practice.  

Saturday AM Workshop #04 Beyond Civility- Using Our Skills to Connect People across Political/Issue Differences

Taking it to the Streets:  How to bring your Collaborative Process knowledge and experience to connect with others with whom you disagree and how become a community resource to connect people and bridge differences where you live. Program is based upon the Beyond Civility Model.

Friday PFI #5 Creating and Maintaining a Successful Practice Group: Leadership Skills for Practice Group Leaders

We are excited to bring Practice Group Leaders together to share critical knowledge, skills and resources, to promote successful leadership and to facilitate the growth of strong Practice Groups around the world.

Thursday PFI #1 The Heart of Conflict: Giving Voice to Non-material Needs

We are trained to identify interests that underpin positions. We use this knowledge in order to help build resolutions that meet the interests and needs of both parties. Because non-material needs cannot be quantitatively and legally measured, we too often fail to acknowledge these.  We have all found that ignoring our client's non-material needs sometimes leads us to impasse.  In this workshop we will go deeper and explore the importance of non-material needs and interests.