Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #40 Collaborative Speed Dating – Will You Be Chosen?

Will they say yes?  You sure hope so, but your heart is racing.  You’re not sure if they are feeling the connection, and they keep asking tough questions about what you do.  This is Collaborative Speed Dating, where you’ll find out whether you will be chosen as a Collaborative Professional!

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #23 Streamlining Collaborative Practice: Lessons from the IACP Access Committee

Making Collaborative a bigger part of your practice means making collaborative more accessible to a larger number of families. Collaborative Practice needs to be more streamlined yet deliver the same value; it isn't about just cutting our fees.This interactive workshop will present streamlined, flat fee, lower cost  and pro bono models and the lessons we have learned about streamlining our processes so you can implement them in your practice.

Saturday AM Workshop #13 The Separation Dialogue: An Intervention for a Smoother Divorce

The Separation Proclamation is an intervention that reduces acrimony during and after divorce. It helps the person who chose the divorce to share their thinking so the other can start to understand. This intervention, developed in The Netherlands in the 1980s, is ubiquitous there. It helps clients achieve an acceptance of the divorce so they can focus on the future and transition into a new co-parenting relationship.