Chicago GH

Sunday AM 90 min Workshop #35 Creating and Sustaining Collaborative Community

There is a direct correlation between a strong and inclusive Collaborative Community and having a personally satisfying and profitable Collaborative Practice.   Join us as we explore from a multicultural perspective how Collaborative Communities are being created, sustained and energized around the world.

Saturday PM 3 hour Workshop #24 Out of Bounds: What Does the Team Do When Everything Goes Wrong?

Completing a challenging collaborative case with many dysfunctional features and troubling surprises requires a variety of creative strategies and reliance on team cohesion. Travel through this difficult case of roadblocks including difficult personalities, refusal to disclose, traumatized teens, boundary violations, gender bias and more, as we share our case saving skills to reach a successful end.

Saturday AM Workshop #03 Collaborative Wills and Estates: Preparing for the Wealth Transfer Tsunami

Within the next two decades the largest transfer of wealth from generation to generation in history will occur.  Collaborative interdisciplinary teams have a unique opportunity to impact this transfer while minimizing the impact on families.  This workshop will provide pragmatic tools to begin this work with a deeper understanding of both planning and post-mortem phases.