Charlotte, NC 1 Day Advanced Collaborative Training

Date and time: 
February 28, 2020 - 10:00pm
Event type: 
Educational Opportunity

1-Day Advanced Collaborative Family Law Training by Pauline Tesler on the following topic: “Things are Not What They Seem: Perception, Memory, Narrative, and Naïve Realism in Collaborative Practice”:

Naïve realism is the belief we all tend to carry that although others may make mistakes, misperceive reality, and misremember facts, we ourselves know what we saw, know what we heard, and know what’s true and what isn’t. Lawyers seem to be particularly wedded to naïve realist beliefs about perception and memory. But plenty of solid research (some of it highly amusing) has shown that we in fact live in a world of neural realism, in which our sensory perceptions and memories are unstable, unreliable and easily manipulated. The implications for legal dispute resolution are significant. We will watch amazing video clips, do challenging exercises, and consider what we need to change about how we approach negotiations, based on this new understanding of how our brains actually work.


Mecklenburg County Bar Center

2850 Zebulon Ave.

Charlotte, NC 28208

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Charlotte Collaborative Divorce Professionals
Mecklenburg County Bar Association
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$ 275 Attorney Rate

$250 CCDP Member Attorney Rate

$150 Paralegal Rate

 $100 CCDP Member Non-Attorney Rate

 $115 Non-Attorney Professional Rate