DC Academy of Collaborative Professionals

1129 20th Street, NW, Fourth Floor
Washington, District of Columbia 20036
United States

Group Contact(s)
Mary Pence   mpence@ftlf.com
Andrea Hirsch   andrea@andreahirschlaw.com
Group Members Profession(s)sort descending
Chris Brown Financial Professional
Jordan Egert Financial Professional
Margie Hofberg Financial Professional
Donald Paris Financial Professional, Mediator
Debora May Financial Professional, Mediator
Sarah Zimmerman Lawyer
Vicki Viramontes-LaFree Lawyer
Anne (Jan) White Lawyer
Michelle Locey Lawyer
Sheila Gardner Lawyer
Theresa Mihalik Lawyer
Linda Ravdin Lawyer
Marina Barannik Lawyer
Marjorie Just Lawyer
Barbara Burr Lawyer
Wendy Schwartz Lawyer
Brandes Ash Lawyer
Jonathan Dana Lawyer
Caitlyn Feiter Lawyer
Hayden Lee Lawyer
Erin Golding Lawyer
Lynette Kleiza Lawyer
Karen Keyes Lawyer, Mediator
Rebecca Shankman Lawyer, Mediator
Steven Shapiro Lawyer, Mediator
Brenda Waugh Lawyer, Mediator
MICHAEL MCHUGH Lawyer, Mediator
Sogand Zamani Lawyer, Mediator
Paul Smollar Lawyer, Mediator
Marc Isaacs Lawyer, Mediator
Sue Soler Mental Health Professional
Kate Scharff Mental Health Professional
Adele D'Ari Mental Health Professional
Natalie Goldberg Mental Health Professional
David Tyson Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Karen Freed Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Lisa Herrick Mental Health Professional, Psychologist
Joan Carmichael Other
Marla Zipin Psychologist, Mental Health Professional
Carol Miller Psychologist, Mental Health Professional