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Oregon Association of Collaborative Professionals

8624 SE 13th Ave.
Portland, Oregon 97202
United States

Group Contact(s)
Thomas Johnson   tom@divorceshoppe.com
Group Members Profession(s)
Tonya Alexander Lawyer, Mediator
Patricia Arjun Lawyer
Jill Brittle Lawyer
Geri Brownstein Mental Health Professional
Forrest Collins Lawyer, Mediator
Dona Cullen Lawyer, Financial Professional, Mediator
Zachary Fruchtengarten Lawyer
Christine Furrer Lawyer
Adrienne Garcia Lawyer
Kim Gordon Lawyer, Mediator
Lee Hamilton Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Myah Kehoe Lawyer, Mediator
Angela Laidlaw Mediator, Lawyer
Gail NIcholson Mental Health Professional
James OConnor Lawyer, Mediator
Randall Poff Lawyer
Nancy Retsinas Lawyer, Mediator
Donna Smalldon Financial Professional, Mediator
Zvi Strassberg Psychologist
Herb Weisser Lawyer, Mediator
Kathleen Zumpano Mental Health Professional, Mediator