The Collaborative Connection of Connecticut

43 Osprey Commons
Clinton, Connecticut 06413
United States

860-676-9350 ext105

Group Contact(s)
Elizabeth Thayer  
Group Members Profession(s)
Elaine Ducharme Psychologist, Mental Health Professional
Wendy Habelow Psychologist, Mediator
Abby Cole Psychologist, Mediator
Sidney Horowitz Psychologist
Elizabeth Thayer Psychologist
Charlotte Ejderberg Mental Health Professional
Michelle Adelman Mental Health Professional
Traci Cipriano Lawyer, Psychologist
Susan Busby Lawyer, Mediator
Robert Fried Lawyer, Mediator
Kathleen Nevins Lawyer, Mediator
Deborah Noonan Lawyer, Mediator
Jill Brakeman Lawyer, Attorney, Mediator
Brian Yard Lawyer, Attorney
Rachel Farris Lawyer, Attorney
Louise McGlynn Lawyer
Eva DeFranco Lawyer
Deborah Eisenberg Lawyer
Margaret Bozek Lawyer
Jill Bicks Lawyer
Kim Duell Lawyer
Nicole Bikakis Lawyer
Jennifer Davis Lawyer
Marc Meglio Financial Professional, Other
James Russell Financial Professional
Lisa Gresham Financial Professional
Sophie Helenek Financial Professional
Regina Wexler Attorney, Mediator