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Colorado Collaborative Divorce Professionals (CCDP)

PO Box 12469
Denver, Colorado 80212
United States



Group Contact(s)
Daryl James   djames@djameslaw.com
Group Members Profession(s)
John Diak Financial Professional
Max Scholfield Financial Professional
David Droppo Financial Professional
Jennifer Scholfield Financial Professional
Deb Johnson Financial Professional
Danaé Woody Lawyer
Darin Jensen Lawyer
Alexandra Smits Lawyer
Ashley Emerson Lawyer
Elizabeth Bonanno Lawyer
Dianne Van Voorhees Lawyer
Erin Croke Lawyer
Tia M. Zavaras Lawyer
Heather Broxterman Lawyer
Sangeetha Mallavarapu Lawyer
Emily Warren Lawyer
Bailey Mahoney Lawyer
Daryl James Lawyer, Mediator
Sara Ross Lawyer, Mediator
Georgiana Scott Lawyer, Mediator
Terri Harrington Lawyer, Mediator
David Littman Lawyer, Mediator
Meggin Rutherford Lawyer, Mediator
Michael Travers Jr MA, JD Lawyer, Mediator, Other
Beth Ornstein Mediator
Kim Merendino Mental Health Professional
Sarah Conti Mental Health Professional, Mediator
Joyce Fine Psychologist