A GLOBAL RESET: #StrongerTogether

How to make the best of the circumstances in which we find ourselves is a topic that has been written about and discussed throughout history. This is particularly apropos now, as we find ourselves in a worldwide pandemic. Being a person fortunate enough to have been born with “the optimist gene,” I read all I can on the topic of anything that motivates, inspires, or educates me on topics of interest. In today’s climate, I believe all of us can benefit from some extra inspiration and encouragement.

I was reminded that “tough times don’t last; tough people do” and to “turn obstacles into opportunity.” We can and should share these reminders with our clients, colleagues, coworkers, friends, and loved ones.

The phrase that most gave me hope in the first weeks of lockdown, and has continued to fortify me, is that we are in the midst of a “global reset.” Instead of doom and gloom, it describes our circumstances in an empowering way, which is much needed. The global reset reminds me of the much-needed paradigm shift occurring as a result of Collaborative law, from which we are already seeing benefits for our clients, their families, and us as Collaborative practitioners.

I wouldn’t wish on anyone this worldwide health crisis, economic downturn, accompanying fear, and restrictions on daily life that are a huge inconvenience (to say the least), we can at least find the silver lining in it all. We can use this time to work together, so we all come out on the other side better, stronger, kinder, calmer, more compassionate, more connected, appreciative, and healthier than before.

We can live with more gratitude and a focus on what really matters to our community and us. In addition, Mother Earth will hopefully be more respected and revered, so we can leave our children and grandchildren with a planet full of resources that can be sustained. I encourage you to visualize those benefits, or whatever resonates with you, in as much detail as possible and to take action steps to make it happen. According to many spiritual masters and leaders, visualizing and bringing into focus is what creates manifestation.

The phrase “global reset” got me thinking about what else we, individually and as a Collaborative community, can do now to come out of this ever-changing new normal as a better version of ourselves.

Start by asking yourself:

Who would you like to be, and how would you like to see yourself, your community, and your world after this global reset?

What would it take to get from where you are now to where you want to be? What can we as collaborators do to forward the Collaborative movement?

We can surely use this time to rest, reflect, research, reboot, and refocus. We can encourage others to do so, as well. We can reach out virtually to colleagues in our community, our state, and even around the globe to share ideas, network, build relationships and learn like never before.

I believe the world would be a better place if, one day, Collaborative law were the norm for resolving legal issues, rather than litigation. Imagine that for a moment. Let’s help spread the word that the Collaborative process is not only the one most geared toward preserving relationships and constructively moving families forward, it is also the most dignified way to resolve issues.

Tell anyone who will listen that the Collaborative process provides an opportunity for transformation of the individual parties and the family unit as a whole. It can be a healing process for our clients as they collaboratively transition from one chapter of life to the next.

During this global reset and beyond, may we remember what an honor it is to be a member of the Collaborative community and be able to guide our clients not only to GO through their divorce but to GROW through their divorce. Whether as a Collaborative team or a Collaborative community, we are #StrongerTogether.

R. Lynette Mancuso

Board Certified Marital and Family Lawyer and Mediator