2022 Friday Sponsored Educational Programming

All Sponsored Educational Programs are on Friday, October 28th, 2022

11:30am-12:30pm EDT
Program Sponsor - Family Law Software: Negotiating Spousal Maintenance in 2022: Trends, Tools and The "Shadow of the Law"
One of the more sensitive topics in divorce cases is the question of spousal maintenance: if, how much and for how long. Every state and country has its own rules, traditions and practices. Some states even have guidelines, and there have been many proposals in various legislatures to address alimony. But in a collaborative setting, how do we deal with this question? This session will explore the trends in alimony/spousal maintenance/spousal support, and learn some tools and tips for addressing the question with our clients and collaborative team.



12:45-1:45pm EDT
Program Sponsor - Our Family in Two Homes: Being Relationship Positive: Toolkits for Building Relationships
In collaborative cases, we can bring a relationship positive approach to our work, but we can’t make it our agenda. (Humans generally resist being agenda’ed!) In this 1-hour workshop, Jacinta Gallant will introduce the Toolkits she has designed to help couples discover who they are and how they “show up”- whether they are making-up or breaking-up. Learn some refreshing and insightful ways to work with couples who are just starting out or who are looking for a “relationship refresh”. There are lots of couples out there who want to do the work – and we can help them!